When Should I Buy New Tires in Springfield, IL

Buying new Ford tires in Springfield, IL

Tire FAQ's

  1. How do I know when I need new tires?

You can test the tread of your tires by placing a penny into the grooves of the tread. If you can see above Lincoln's head, it is time for new tires.  Be sure to check the tire tread in multiple places like the inner, outer, and middle grooves because your tires can wear unevenly.

  • How can I ensure proper care of my tires?

Aggressive driving habits such as hard braking and swerving can cause excess wear on your tires; so can driving with underinflated tires. Check your tire pressure regularly, and rotate them at every maintenance appointment to ensure even wear.

  • What should I consider when buying new tires?

The best factors to consider before purchasing new tires is tread depth, ride comfort, noise, and rolling resistance. You may also consider different types of tires based on the season, climate, terrain, and performance expectations. If you're looking for advice regarding a new set of tires, contact our service specialists using our online form.

  • What tire size do I need?

The easiest way to determine the correct tire size for your vehicle is to use our tire finder. Simply input your vehicle information and we will tell you the exact tire size.


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