Trucks vs. SUVs: When and Which to Buy in Springfield, IL

Ford Trucks vs. Ford SUVs comparison 

As one of America's most celebrated automotive manufacturers, Ford strives to make a lineup of vehicles that is as versatile as their customers are diverse. Depending on your automotive needs, a Ford truck may be better for you than a Ford SUV, and vice versa. While the benefits of trucks and benefits of SUVs are plentiful, it can be tough deciding which Ford model is the ideal choice for your active lifestyle. To help you decide, the product specialists at our Ford dealership in Springfield, IL have put together this comprehensive review of Ford trucks and SUVs.

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Trucks vs. SUVs: Towing & Payload Capacity

Ford F-150 and Ford Explorer both towing large objects 

Does your family love taking weekend trips with the camper or boat? Does your business use a trailer to transport tools and equipment? Ford's lineup of trucks and SUVs offer a huge variety of towing and payload capacities, so you can find the model that meets your exact needs. Towing and payload specs are as follows:

Ford Truck/SUV

Towing Capacity

Payload Capacity

2017 Escape

1,500 lbs.

1,115 lbs.

2017 Edge

3,500 lbs.

1,445 lbs.

2017 Flex

4,500 lbs.

1,531 lbs.

2017 Explorer

5,000 lbs.

1,717 lbs.

2017 Expedition

9,200 lbs.

1,731 lbs.

2017 F-150

9,100 lbs. (Regular Cab)

12,000 lbs. (SuperCab)

11,800 lbs. (SuperCrew)

1,910 lbs. (Regular Cab)

1,660 lbs. (SuperCab)

1,610 lbs. (SuperCrew)

2017 Super Duty F-250

15,000 lbs. (Regular/SuperCab)

18,000 lbs. (Crew Cab)

4,150 lbs. (Regular Cab)

3,900 lbs. (SuperCab)

3,780 lbs. (Crew Cab)

2017 Super Duty F-350

15,000 lbs. (Regular/SuperCab)

18,000 lbs. (Crew Cab)

3,930 lbs. (Regular Cab)

3,710 lbs. (SuperCab)

3,550 lbs. (Crew Cab)

2017 Super Duty F-450

21,000 lbs.

5,320 lbs.

*Towing and Payload Capacities listed are for the base trim levels of their respective models


Trucks vs. SUVs: Cargo Space


Do you find yourself constantly driving the kids and their gear to and from practice? Do you use your vehicle just as much on the jobsite as you do after hours? Depending on how you use your Ford vehicle, you may want a model that offers plenty of seating, such as the 2017 Explorer or 2017 Flex which offer seating for up to seven passengers. If you're always hauling tools and equipment to the jobsite, Ford's fleet of pickup trucks offers plenty of cargo space to get the job done. For drivers who need to be able to transport very large items, the 2017 Expedition offers an astounding 108.3 cu. ft. of cargo space. Check out the cargo capacities of Ford's full lineup of trucks and SUVs in the tables below.

Ford Truck/SUV

Cargo Capacity (all seats in place)

Max. Cargo Capacity

Seating Capacity

2017 Escape

34.0 cu. ft.

68.0 cu. ft.


2017 Edge

39.2 cu. ft.

73.4 cu. ft.


2017 Flex

20.0 cu. ft.

83.2 cu. ft.


2017 Explorer

21.0 cu. ft.

81.7 cu. ft.


2017 Expedition

18.6 cu. ft.

108.3 cu. ft.


The 2017 Ford F-150 is a highly versatile pickup truck that offers plenty of cab and box configurations to fit your needs. View the table below for details on the cargo volume of each box available with the F-150.

2017 F-150 Cargo Box

Cargo Box Volume


52.8 cu. ft.


62.3 cu. ft.


77.7 cu. ft.

The entire Ford F-series lineup comes in three different cab sizes: Regular Cab, SuperCab, and Crew Cab/SuperCrew. If you're looking for more seating, the SuperCab and Crew Cabs offer seating for up to 6 passengers. View the table below for details on the cargo capacities of each cab and box size available with Ford pickup trucks.

Ford Truck Cab

Cargo Capacity (behind first row)

Cargo Box Capacity

Seating Capacity

Regular Cab

11.6 cu. ft.

65.4 cu. ft. (6.75-ft. box)

78.5 cu. ft. (8-ft. box)



31.6 cu. ft.

65.4 cu. ft. (6.75-ft. box)

78.5 cu. ft. (8-ft. box)


Crew Cab/SuperCrew

52.1 cu. ft.

65.4 cu. ft. (6.75-ft. box)

78.5 cu. ft. (8-ft. box)



Trucks vs. SUVs: Interior Design

Interiors of the Ford F-150 King Ranch and the Ford Explorer 

Regardless of whether you decide to go with a Ford truck or SUV, there are fantastic interior design features you'll enjoy every time you get behind the wheel.

  • AM/FM stereo with MP3 capability
  • Available SYNC® infotainment system featuring voice recognition technology, hands-free calling, music search and control, and an LCD screen
  • Air conditioning
  • Remote Keyless Entry featuring MyKey® technology

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