Ford SYNC®: The Infotainment System of the Future

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Do you want your car, truck, or SUV to be equipped with the most advanced infotainment system available? Ford SYNC® infotainment technology is known for its intuitive, user-friendly design and cutting edge features. You can learn more about how the two available versions of SYNC® infotainment can enhance your daily drive in the page below created by the experts at Landmark Ford in Springfield, IL.

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 Ford SYNC System 

What is Ford SYNC®?

Ford SYNC® is the first-generation of Ford's factory-installed entertainment system that allows drivers to connect their smart phone to their vehicle. Make calls, control select mobile apps, and more when you drive a Ford model equipped with SYNC®. A complete list of features available with the intuitive SYNC® infotainment system includes:

  • Hands-free calling
  • Voice-controlled media player
  • Available SYNC® AppLink™
  • 2-in. color cluster display
  • 911 Assist
 Ford SYC 3 System 

What is Ford SYNC® 3?

Ford SYNC® 3 is the next generation of SYNC® infotainment, and has all of the features included with the standard system, along with even more advanced options. SYNC® 3 has been designed to be even more responsive and user friendly than ever before. When you drive a Ford equipped with SYNC® 3, you'll enjoy the following features:

  • 5- or 8-in. touchscreen
  • Pinch-to-zoom navigation
  • Enhanced voice recognition
  • Five-way controls on the steering wheel

How do I connect to Ford SYNC®?

Connecting to Ford SYNC® is simple, and can be done in a few easy steps. Pairing your phone to SYNC® allows you to utilize features such as hands-free calling, Bluetooth® streaming, and more. To connect your smart phone to your SYNC® infotainment system, follow the five steps below.

  1. Turn on your Ford vehicle, Bluetooth® on your smart phone, and your vehicle's radio.
  2. Press the phone button on your infotainment system, and add a phone.
  3. Search for the SYNC® system on your mobile device and select it.
  4. Confirm the six-digit code that appears on the SYNC® screen matches your device.
  5. The SYNC® system will display the Phone Menu once your phone is successfully paired.
 A person connecting their phone to the SYNC System

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 A Ford dashboard with the SYNC system 

Which New Ford models come with Ford SYNC®?

The impressive Ford SYNC® or SYNC® 3 systems are available with nearly every new and recent model year Ford car, truck, and SUV. After you've taken a look at the available vehicles below, head over to the new inventory at Landmark Ford in Springfield, IL to find your perfect model.

Ford Cars

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Ford SUVs

2018 Focus

2018 Fiesta

2018 Fusion

2018 Mustang

2018 Taurus

2018 F-150

2018 Super Duty

2018 Transit

2018 Edge

2018 Escape

2018 Explorer

2018 Expedition

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